Buy Here Pay Here

Every dealer knows the importance of being able to provide in-house financing for those hard to finance customers. Collecting payments is just as important as selling cars and every successful Buy Here Pay Here dealer knows the necessity of properly managing your in-house financing business. DealerCenter’s collection driven design ensures that you will always know the payment status and contact history of every account in your portfolio.

Keep track of the balance on each of your accounts regardless of the status. Whether it is a wholesale, retail, or in-house deal, balances reflect account balance from all your customers. You can update your records with extra payments, deferred payments, interest, principal, or late fees while your accounts update automatically. These features make record keeping for compliance, and taxes hassle free.

Our BHPH module allows you to:

  • Maintain a close watch over all incoming payments and promises to pay
  • Print payment coupons, receipts, and late notices
  • Assign accounts and build queues for your collectors
  • Keep a detailed contact history and set future appointments for every account

Payment Processing

DealerCenter has partnered with OpenEdge to provide your dealership with payment integration into DealerCenter giving you a more secure and convenient way of accepting and processing credit, debit and ACH transactions.

Integrated Payment Processing features and Benefits

  • One-step payment processing – Enter credit card information directly into DealerCenter reducing costly errors and reconciliation time
  • Schedule automatic, recurring customer transactions – Automate your future weekly, bi-weekly, monthly credit card payment processing within DealerCenter, improving cash flow and eliminating monthly billing efforts.
  • Integrated ACH processing - Effortlessly accept and process your customers’ personal checks.
  • No payment gateway costs – Pay only customary processing rates and fees.
  • Free online reporting – Generate and export batch and transaction detail reports or conduct quick payment searches with the easy-to-use reporting tool.
  • Greater data security - OpenEdge DealerCenter-integrated payment processing is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. You’ll never store card-holder data onsite, reducing PCI compliance steps and costs.
  • Free customer support – Dedicated OpenEdge CustomerCare specialists are available by phone, email and online 24/7/365 to service your account needs.

If you’re interested in integrated payment processing, please contact your representative at